Music Video Video Production December 15, 2022

Letting Go – Acoustic

Where: Java Haus, Woodland Park, CO //

When: December 2022 //

After a successful shoot and launch of Brian’s first music video in 2021, he came to us with a new opportunity for the acoustic version.  Inside a coffee shop in Woodland Park, CO we set-up, rehearsed, and captured the whole project in one take (after about 15 tries heh)

  • Strategy

    A warm, cozy environment that fits the style of the acoustic vibe. We takled a one-shot style shoot in about

  • Client

    Brian Cosmos Music

  • Equipment

    Kinefinity Mavo, Aputure F22c, Aputure 600c, Movi Gimbal, Nanlite PavoTubes

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